Careers in Automotive

An automotive career means working in one of the world’s most exciting industries. Since the first car was built in 1886, the industry has been a hotbed of innovation and today the industry is going through one of its most revolutionary transformations!

Internal combustion engine vehicles have been joined by vehicles powered by electric motors and massive battery packs – some even by energy derived from hydrogen – and the technological wizardry packed into all modern ‘connect’ vehicles makes them safer, more comfortable and more entertaining than ever.

You can stream entertainment, buy stuff, use your smartphone to control certain functions, and thanks to revolutionary technology, some of these new vehicles can recognise hazards and road markings and (almost) drive themselves.

Also worth remembering ins that the automotive industry is big… really big and diverse.

By choosing a career in the automotive industry, your will open up a huge range of opportunities that will suit your skills, interests and career aspirations.


Some of the exciting career pathways available in today’s automotive industry include:

  • Automotive Technician (Mechanic)
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Technician
  • Electric Vehicle Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Technician
  • Bicycle Technician
  • MotorSport Technician
  • Automotive Tyre Technician
  • Automotive Electrical Technician
  • Automotive Underbody Technician
  • Motorcycle Technician
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanic (Trucks)
  • Mobile Plant Mechanic (Tractors)
  • Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • Engine Reconditioner
  • Trailer Technician
  • Vehicle Trimmer
  • Vehicle Glazer
  • Marine Mechanic
  • Vehicle Loss Assessor
  • Alternate Fuel Technician (LPG, LNG)
  • Driveline Technician
  • Automotive Brake Specialist
  • Automotive Cooling Technicians
  • Automotive Sales
  • Automotive Part Recycler
  • Vehicle Body Collision Repair
  • Vehicle Refinishing
  • Service Station Attendant
  • Automotive Parts Interpreters
  • Vehicle Detailer
  • Diesel Fuel Specialist
  • Automotive Dealers

Automotive Careers Guide

Learn more about the many exciting career pathways available through the automotive industry in our Guide to Careers in the Automotive Industry below.